Oh hey there! 

We Nick & Aimee (aka Frank & Peggy) are a young, quirky and freshly married couple currently based on Auckland's rugged West Coast in New Zealand, but spend a lot of time chasing the sunshine and seeking out fine locations abroad.  Aimee loves exploring, all things antique and you'll also find her skipping towards a good hearty Sunday market.  Nick's favourite thing to do in this world is surfing and embarking on the next quest...wherever that may be! He's a lover of all things nature and prides himself on growing a humdinger of a veggie garden (that currently needs some serious attention!).  Together we are avid adventurers, visual story tellers and we'll never pass up an escape to the countryside or good dip in the sea. 

Whether you're from New Zealand, Australia or even eloping on an ice shelf in the Arctic...we'd love to chat and hear about your plans.  We swoon over intimate ceremonies, backyard weddings, intriguing buildings and DIY's.  

Our style stretches between organic, raw and emotion-filled imagery as we like to capture the day unfolding with a journalistic approach.  We strive to dig out the authenticity within each story.  We seek out what makes your day unique and capture your individualities, after all...this is what makes your story yours!  We are lovers of natural light and crave jaw dropping scenery so if this is sounding like your style we would love to hear from you. We love incorporating these elements within our photos and we flip out over creatively adventurous couples that we can add into the mix.  

We get pretty stoked on life when we get to share so many unique stories.  Our passion is to create timeless images in which you will fill your home with.  That pretty much sums up why we do what we do. 

Most importantly though we want you to be at home with us and to soak up the enjoyment of your best day.  If we sound like the right fit for you, feel free to drop us a line as we're always up for making new friends. 

F & P xx