Hi guys, 

We know this might seem a bit daunting but in order for us to be super organised on your big day we'd love for you to complete this form, thanks in advance we very much appreciate it! We're pumped on summer 2019/2020 and we're pretty excited to be shooting your wedding. Once you're all done please just hit the submit button so we can print a hard copy.

Thanking you X


e.g 12th March 2016
So we're not contacting you directly on the day, please let us know if you've allocated a family member or someone in the bridal party (if you don't have an official coordinator) we can speak with directly if need be.
Please also state what time the brides preparation will start.
Please also state what time the grooms preparation will start.
If so, please let us know what time you're thinking and at which address.
Name and address of ceremony venue
Name and address of ceremony venue
(What time are you planning dinner to be served)
Name and address of reception venue
Name and address of reception venue
If not we location scout anyway so you're more than welcome to leave this part up to us :) Please do let us know if you prefer certain backdrops e.g. forest, beach, urban, countryside, rustic, garden, vineyard etc. so we know what style you both like when we're out scouting.
Heck yes or heck no? If it's not your thing then that's perfectly fine. If you have booked us to stay past sunset then we'd be more than happy to capture a few frames.
e.g @frankandpeggy_photo (we will always ask your permission before posting on any social media platforms.)
Dress maker, shoes, suits etc.
If applicable
This can take anywhere from 4-8weeks, we appreciate your patience.
E.g., Bride & Groom + Brides Parents, Bride & Groom + Grooms Parents, Bride & Groom + Grandparents, Bride & Groom + Brides Parents + extended family, Bride & Groom + Grooms Parents + extended family etc. We do recommend trying not to have more than 8-10 groups as this can roughly take 20 to 30 minutes.